A Roof Over Your Head

Growing up, I didn’t always have a lot of food to eat, new shoes to wear, nice toys to play with or even a ride to school on most days.

I never knew what it was like live a life of luxury or anything close to it.

However, one thing is certain. I always had a roof over my hear. I always had shelter. And I always had people that loved me that surrounded me.

The funny thing is, I’m now working for a limos service company in Canada. Check them out if you live near them by the way! I mean, I still live up north, but I’m doing a bunch of free lance advertising and marketing services for the guy that runs that limo business.

It’s a pretty cool gig, and to be honest I’m no where near the actual driving work that’s being done. But there’s one thing that I find incredibly ironic:

The ONE thing I’ve always had was a roof over my head. And NOW I’m specializing in providing luxury to others.

It’s a weird and small world we live in.

I mean, I don’t know if you’re seeing the connection in the same way that I am, but it just seems weird to me that even the things we take for granted can be so influential in our lives once we take the time to appreciate them.

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We tend to forget all of the good things that happen to us in life. Most of us, if we’re honest with ourselves, are pretty quick to forget the good things that happen and only focus on what hasn’t happened yet. Or what we don’t have yet, materialistically speaking.

I have a friend. More of a friend of a friend. He just started his own business down in South Texas.

He cuts trees.

All. Day. Long.

Yet, he never forgets all of the blessings that he has, each day.

he never forgets all of the times in life where he’s been very lucky, seen children come into the each and even gotten married to his best friend.

He chooses to remember the good times, and so should you.

Poker in New Jersey

One of the many things I enjoy doing when I am at home in New Jersey is playing poker.

Online poker, poker at the casino, home games… literally any poker game I can stumble into.

One aspect of poker that will always engage my mind in the fullest and purest way is the subject of psychological warfare.

It’s you against the other players at the table, and the most cunning person wins.

Nothing is holding you back from being the big winner and raking in all the chips except your own mind and knowledge. It’s an intense game that takes many skill sets. These skill sets include observation, critical thinking, memorization, nonverbal communication and mathematics, among many others.

It’s a thinker’s game.

It’s also all about playing the long-game.

You need to know what cards and what hands are going to pay out a high percentage of the time, and trust those statistics. Even is you bet on Aces and get dealt a losing board, you still need to be okay putting it all in on the same Aces the next time around. This is because you know and trust the percentages.

Trusting the percentages in poker is a lot like trusting God with whatever is valuable in your life.

You know that most of the time God is going to make your life easier, safer and more enjoyable, because you have a relationship with Him. However, you also need to know that in the times where you go through frustrating periods of your life, you’re still being taken care of by God and you just need to “trust the statistics”. The statistics that tell you God is always looking out for you, even when it’s hard to put your faith in that statement.

So today, I’m going to play poker, work on my post-flop game and trust that the Lord is going to provide for me in a far greater way than any pocket aces would ever be able to 🙂



So I wanted to write another post that piggy-backed on the subject of my last post.

I think it’s important to chase down your dreams in life, and the dream I had at an early age of always being free and able to live my life outdoors and free from responsibilities is something I still chase after today.

You see, I know that I’m an adult now. Duh.

I know that I can’t get away from the basic responsibilities like paying my utility bills, washing my clothes and going to the grocery store.

I mean, I guess I could negate those responsibilities if I wanted to just live in the wild like Moglee from the Jungle Book.

But that’s not my style.

Even though I know I have these obligation, I still seek after that one thing. If you read my first blog post, you know what I’m talking about.

It’s the thing that motivates me. It’s the thing that keeps me going and looking forward to what the future holds.

It’s the hope of a life after life in which I will be able to live in perfect harmony with my family, friends and the Creator who made it all.

Not too shabby for a “dream”, right? I mean, ALL I want is an environment, made out of perfection, that will sustain all my wildest dreams and visions. Not a tall order, right?

Well I don’t know about you, but sometimes I think that it is in fact too good to be true.

One can only continue to have faith, hope in a better tomorrow and trust in the one who gave us our thoughts and dreams in the first place.


A Little About Myself

Davy’s the name and dune buggying, surfing, skateboarding and anything else outdoors is the game!

I have always loved being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine as much as possible. Hell, I’m surprised I don’t have skin cancer after all these years!

Well I wanted to tell you all a little about my background, how I grew up and what my plans are for the future. After all, I think it’s about time in my life to find a little lady, settle down and maybe even have a few kiddos. Who knows! Only time will tell – but first thing’s first. Gotta find that lady!

Well I grew up skateboarding and surfing with all of my friends in California. We would wake up before the sun was rising, grab a taco from the taco stand on the corner and head to the beach. I had a good buddy named Morgan when I was around 13-14 years old. His older brother Mason drove us everywhere, including to the beach at the crack of dawn.

We would load up the boards, grab our tacos, scarf them down on the way to the beach and be in the water just as the sun was fully visible.

Even though it was summer, the air was cool and we were in the water before the sun caused the asphalt to turn to lava.

Those were the good days. We didn’t have to worry about what time work started and when we had to get out of the water – because we didn’t have jobs, we didn’t have responsibilities and we CERTAINLY didn’t have girlfriends or anyone else who told us what to do.

We were free. We did what we wanted to.

This is the life I miss dearly. Honestly, sometimes I think that that is what Heaven will be like. A life free from worries, free from responsibilities and free from those who make our lives harder rather than easier.

A life that is filled with joy and all of the activities that make you the happiest.

I know Heaven will solely be about observing the glory of God once we meet him, but at the same time I can’t help but think that the joyful creator of the universe would want us to experience all of the joys of our former life in Heaven, unhindered from all that worried us on Earth.

This is the world we lived in for 4-5 years before “life” began to tug on our shirt and start to demand things of us.

I will always want to go back to those days. And I honestly can’t wait to have a son that is around that age – there won’t be a single time I tell him “no” when he asks to go to the beach and enjoy the outdoors.

Well, I’m hoping that that tells you a little bit about who I am and where my mind is.

I’m in love with the outdoors and truly believe that there are many nature-experiences that are quite literally windows into Heaven and the future that God has for us after we leave this earth.

More to come on this subject and many others!


About The Site

Hello fellow ‘Buggers!

I’m hoping that this will be a fun website for me to post all of my stories about my life in NJ, where dune buggying is one of my passions, among many other topics.

The goal is for me to provide great posts about my life, my beliefs and even some of my favorite past times!

Please check back throughout your day as I will updating the posts with more content – and some of you, my friends, may be in here as well!